Purple Reign of the Netherlands

Purple Rain
Purple Reign
Of the insane
Killing in their name
Roman Empire Association
World terror organization
Zionists…. NaZi ✡️🏳️‍🌈🤡
Elimination of femininity

Stop this idiocy
Their satanist policy

Máxima & Kahlo
Purple reign of the bipolar insane

Mama vs Mafia
Justice for the Children
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Frida Kahlo en Máxima:
MK-Ultra transgendered,
Extremely abused as a child
The cure = exit Black Nobility.
Eliminating child abuse = exit war and slavery due insanity.


In the forest
All of them abused as being a child

Kom dichterbij en zie
Come closer and see

Kijk in de bomen
See into the trees

Vind het meisje
Find the girl

Terwijl je kan
While you can
Kom dichterbij en zie
Come closer and see

Kijk in het donker
See into the dark

Volg gewoon je ogen
Just follow your eyes

Volg gewoon je ogen
Just follow your eyes
Ik hoor haar stem
I hear her voice

Mijn naam roepen
Calling my name

Het geluid is diep
The sound is deep

In het donker
In the dark
Ik hoor haar stem
I hear her voice

En begin te rennen
And start to run

De bomen in
Into the trees

De bomen in
Into the trees
De bomen in
Into the trees
Opeens stop ik
Suddenly I stop

Maar ik weet dat het te laat is
But I know it’s too late

Ik ben verdwaald in een bos
I’m lost in a forest

Helemaal alleen
All alone
Het meisje was er nooit
The girl was never there

Het is altijd hetzelfde
It’s always the same

Ik ren naar niets
I’m running towards nothing

Opnieuw en opnieuw en opnieuw en opnieuw…
Again and again and again and again…

We just MUST STOP them
Dit 🙏 👇 is dan onzer aller toekomst!

Let it be our endgame from them
Save humanity while you still can

Royal Zionist Jews – 0,2% Phoenician Idiots, planned and worked out KILLING 99,8% of everyone RIGHT NOW…
Except for themselves! Only male KADMON pedovores🤬
Only 30000 psychopaths vs 17,6 million… real people with still a God inside of us: W E !

Just GET RID OF CORONA, GET RID OF THE CROWN… take off their clothes! Literally by exposing the truth and stop being their Freemasonry’s James to BONDAGE us all as their SUBS! (Explanation in remarks in the chat). https://t.me/gweverstegen/22351

Leave your ancestors behind! It’s not okay to rape and murder children! It’s not okay to enslave and play games on humanity like wars and genocide.. it’s not okay let them rob and kill us all, is it?!

❌🤴❌Just ELIMINATE THE CROWN (Satanic Royals)
It means ending CORONA, no more wars, no more crimes against humanity… for good!

Mama vs Maffia
Openbaar Aanklager & Openbaar Onderzoeker Children’s Defense Force https://www.trudiverstegen.nl/category/childrens-defence-force/
Terrorized mum.

ALL WOMEN ARE ON THEIR DEATH LIST! Mama van Nikki, Mart & Madelief Splinter
Nobility in No More Masonic Slavery
Children’s Defense Force
Voor WEL echte pers en mensen die hun kinderen leven gunnen: 0031-652428888

Corona – orchestrated and led by gay satanic ADAM KADMON – BOTH SEXES- is a long planned script to exclude femininity forever starting over again with only male IIIuminated after the Great Saturn Jupiter Conjunction.

You can read all about this on my Telegram Channel. https://t.me/gweverstegen

It concerns FEMICIDE the same time HOLOMODOR and afterwards killing humanity completely.

Donations to and let survive the FEMALE HUMAN RACE NL59KNAB0258835486
Trudi Verstegen